(Updated July 2022)

Clients are welcome in the reception area, with a maximum capacity of four clients at a time. We continue to recommend mask use due to the small space but these are not mandatory.

We are resuming in-person exams, but request that one person be present. 

We will still offer “curbside” exams for clients who prefer limited contact. We ask that you wait in your car or close-by so the doctor can contact you with findings and recommendations following the examination.

Thank you for your support and understanding over the last 2 years of COVID!

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Confirmed in Victoria

September 18, 2019

Two rabbits have been confirmed to have RHD type 2 virus by the BC Ministry – Director of Animal Health. What this means is all non-vaccinated rabbits are at risk – both the feral population and owned rabbits. We recommend bio security measures as previously described in our prior postings. We also recommend vaccinating rabbits with the RHD vaccine and ensuring their vaccine is up to date. The vaccine efficacy is only for one year. Unfortunately, we are low in stock and are waiting for the BC government to bring in another shipment from France. We do not have date of when that will be for now.

The following links will help with Rabbit Quarantine and Bio Security:

BC SPCA RHD Information Sheet for Rabbit Guardians